MARTA to the Atlanta Zero Milepost

Atlanta’s Zero Milepost marks the true center of the city where railroads once brought the region to life. Formerly the terminus of the Western & Atlantic Railroad, the zero milepost is now hidden in an underground parking lot, reflecting the Atlanta car culture that developed in the mid-1900s. A more true Underground Atlanta than the nearby touristy destination of the same name, the milepost is worth a trip to truly remember and recognize Atlanta as the train town it once was.

The original milepost was recently moved to the Atlanta History Center. However, you can still visit the location of the marker in between the Five Points and Georgia State MARTA stations where Atlanta’s former Union Station once stood (pictured above). The easier walking route is from the Five Points MARTA station:

  1. Exit the station on Peachtree Street and immediately cross the street at the stoplight and turn left on Peachtree
  2. Walk to the stoplight at Marietta Street and turn right
  3. Turn right again on Kimball Way, which ramps down into a parking deck
  4. After entering the parking area, veer left to reach a small brick building that houses the milepost marker

Tip: There’s also a stairwell on Wall Street that leads down into the parking lot.

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