5 Most Dangerous MARTA Stations in 2015

Although MARTA is one of the safest transit systems in the United States, crime still happens. It’s always good to be aware of your surroundings and know where you might need to use more caution. For guidance, MARTA crime data is now up for fiscal year 2015. See the list below of stations that came out on top for crime (largely theft of personal items according to the MARTA police website) along with the number of reported issues. As a comparision, MARTA’s 2015 overall reported crime count was 530 compared to 3,512 on CTA in Chicago and 1,624 on DC’s Metro.

View stations with the most and least crime in 2019 for the most current data.

1. Five Points (40)

The transfer point between all rail lines and one of the busiest stations in the system, Five Points (pictured above) had the most reported crimes in 2015. Underground Atlanta and the surrounding streets typically haven’t been the safest either, so be smart and aware while commuting and don’t forget to download and use the MARTA See and Say app or have the MARTA Police contact information handy in case of suspicious activity or problems.

2. East Point (35)

Up 15 crimes from 2014, the East Point MARTA station in East Point, Georgia jumped into the top five list for 2015. East Point has historically had a lot of crime, so use caution both in and around the MARTA station. Fortuntely, Main Street and the downtown area next to the station are safer than neighborhoods further out.

3. Lindbergh Center (28)

The Lindbergh Center MARTA station remained as a top five most dangerous station in 2015. As a transfer point between the red and gold lines, a large number of people travel to the station and wait on trains here.

4. West End/College Park (24)

Tied at 24 reported crimes each, West End and College Park stations are both on the south red and gold lines. West End had slightly less problems than in 2014, but College Park station crime was up.

5. Kensington (20)

The only station on the blue line to make the list, Kensington was one of the least safe stations over the past two years. However, the good news is that crime was slightly down in 2015.

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