The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC that is conveniently next to two MARTA stations: Dome/Philips Arena and Vine City on the blue and green rail lines. In addition to football and soccer games, large concerts and other events also take place here.

Things to Know

  • If your starting station is on the red or gold line, transfer to the first westbound train at the Five Points MARTA station
  • The Vine City station is the better option for accessibility and those parking and riding at the H.E. Holmes MARTA station
  • Trains are usually every 20 minutes on the weekend, on most holidays and after 8:30 p.m.

MARTA Directions

From the Dome/Philips Arena Station

  1. Follow signs to the Philips Arena exit
  2. Go up the tall escalator or ride the elevator to street level
  3. Turn left in front of Philips Arena for a ramp and short staircase leading to the plaza in front of the stadium
  4. Walk straight ahead on the sidewalk through the plaza to reach Gate 2

*If you exit the station via the Georgia Dome signage, the walk is much further, involves stairs and forces you into the Gate 1 entrance near the Vine City station

From Vine City

Exit the station and cross the street to reach Gate 1 — no steps or large ramps, making this station easier for wheelchairs and strollers.


The best MARTA stations for parking and riding the train to the stadium include:

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