Taking your bike on MARTA is an easy way to expand your commute options and travel greater distances than what your two legs can take you. Get basic information below on how to take your bike on a train or bus as well as bike paths near MARTA stations.


Unlike some other transit systems in the United States, you can take your bike on MARTA at any time of day. The agency asks that cyclists avoid crowded train cars and keep bikes out of aisles. Look for the handicap/luggage space in all trains for an easy way to store your bike. The ends of cars typically have the most space. And don’t sweat getting your bike to and from the train platforms: elevators are in all stations.

Bikes on Buses

In addition to taking your bike on a train, you can also take your bike with you when commuting via bus. Every MARTA bus has bike storage (on the front of the bus, not inside) that can transport two bikes at any given time. The rack pulls down and has braces that slide over the wheels. There’s a zombie video (yes, really) that demonstrates how to put your bike on the front of a bus. Start at minute 1:00.

Repair Kiosks

MARTA is in the process of adding bike repair kiosks to several stations in case you need to hop off the train for a tune up. Currently there are kiosks at the Lindbergh Center and Edgewood/Candler Park stations. Chamblee, East Point, Five Points, North Avenue and West End are also on the list to get handy bike tools.

Bike Trails Near Stations

Several MARTA stations provide access to bike trails around the city if you are looking for a commute hack or recreational ride. Some of the paths closest to MARTA include:

BeltLine Eastside Trail: Near the Inman Park and Midtown MARTA station, the paved BeltLine Eastside trail is a popular multi-use path. The Midtown MARTA station is on 10th Street, which has a protected bike lane about two blocks from the station that connects with the trail. Via Inman Park, enjoy a pleasant neighborhood ride or use the PATH trail next to the station to connect with the BeltLine.

Edgewood Avenue bike lane: Also next to the Inman Park station on the Inman Park (not Reynoldstown) side, Edgewood Avenue has a bike lane that travels to the BeltLine, Krog Street, Cabbagetown and downtown Atlanta.

PATH Stone Mountain Trail: This downtown to Stone Mountain trail has several MARTA access points. As mentioned above, one segment is next to the Inman Park MARTA station. The East Lake and Decatur MARTA stations are also next to the trail, and biking, jogging or walking between the two stations is one easy way to utilize MARTA with the trail. Or start in Decatur and travel to Inman Park or vice versa for a trip more manageable than cycling all the way to Stone Mountain.

BeltLine Westside Trail: The BeltLine trail on the westside is near the West End, Ashby and Bankhead MARTA stations, though much of the trail isn’t paved yet.

Lionel Hampton Trail: On the west side near Washington Park and the BeltLine Westside Trail, the Lional Hampton trail connects the Ashby and West Lake MARTA stations. From West Lake, exit to the parking lot and turn left on Browning Street. Follow the directions to Washington Park via the link above if exiting the train at the Ashby station.

Chamblee Rail Trail: Also called the Keswick Park Extension Trail, this path near the Chamblee MARTA station goes to the scenic Keswick Park. Exit the station via Peachtree Road and turn left, then right on Chamblee Tucker Road. Note: Part of the trail is closed due to area construction.

PATH400 Greenway: Still largely under construction, the PATH400 trail will stretch from Lindbergh Center north into Buckhead. Both the Lindbergh Center and Buckhead MARTA stations are near the trail, though the Buckhead section is most complete. Use the Tower Place exit at the Buckhead station, turning right on the first street at street level next to the high-rise condo building. Walk or bike to the stoplight and cross the street at the light to reach the path.

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