MARTA to the Atlanta Funk Fest

Funk Fest is an annual music tour featuring old school hip hop and R&B artists. The Atlanta event takes place in Central Park in Old Fourth Ward closest to the North Avenue MARTA station on the red and gold line. There are several options for getting there without a car to avoid the $20 and up parking fees:


Walking time to the park is approximately 15 minutes (see walking map). Take the North Avenue/West Peachtree street exit out of the station and turn left on North Avenue. Walk about three blocks and turn right on Central Park Place. The area has traditionally been crime heavy, so be aware of your surroundings and consider taking Uber or Lyft back to the station after dark.


Bus 2 and bus 102 both depart from the North Avenue MARTA station and stop near Central Park. Exit at Central Park Place, which is at the bottom of a hill just past an apartment community.


The festival has shuttles that operate to and from area parking lots, one of which is next to the North Avenue MARTA station at 652 West Peachtree Street. Cross over West Peachtree Street toward the church at the stoplight and turn right on West Peachtree Street. Note that the shuttle may not be available to those without a parking receipt.


  • After 8:30 p.m. trains are every 20 minutes until service ends at approximately 1:15 a.m.
  • Closest MARTA stations with free parking (and no train transfers) include Lindbergh Center in the north (keep your parking ticket with you) and West End and Lakewood on the south line.
  • Don’t bring any of these items with you: outside food and beverages, tents, grills, video recorders, coolers, bags larger than 12×12, pets (except as aids to persons with disabilities) motor homes or RV’s and golf umbrellas (where rain is in the forecast, only purse-size umbrellas and ponchos are allowed).

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