MARTA to University Orthopaedics

University Orthopaedics is a doctor’s office at 1014 Sycamore Drive Suite B that specializes in orthopaedics services and surgeries along several MARTA bus routes. To schedule an appointment, call 404-299-1700.


  1. For the easiest commute, connect with a northbound bus 123 at the Decatur MARTA station on the blue line
  2. Ride the bus for about 7 minutes. Exit at the first stop after the bus turns on Sycamore Drive near LA Fitness

If you don’t want to ride the bus, request an Uber or Lyft car at the Decatur Station. Bus 117 and bus 36 also stop near the building. The MARTA on the Go app has bus schedules and real-time bus map to plan your trip or use Google Maps for all your trip options and schedules.

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