Start riding the bus: 3 tips for MARTA commuters

People generally like trains. And streetcars. Perhaps trolleys, too. But the bus?

Starting in high school, the bus is something to be avoided. They weren’t cool then, and they aren’t very cool now despite the fact that some routes provide easy and convenient service to a variety of destinations. On top of the perceived lack of cool, there’s also more leg work and planning involved. But the benefits include getting to more places without a car and avoiding the rail delays (plus, no up and own to get in and out of stations).

Fortunately, there’s plenty of technology out there to take the mystery out of getting from point A to point B on. See below for tools and tips to start riding the bus.

1. Use Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best options for making inexperienced riders bus-hopping pros. Many cities (including Atlanta) have provided their public transportation schedules to Google, allowing you to quickly plan your trip with a start and end destination. One great perk is the trip details that list the approximate time on the bus and the number of stops before you reach the one you need.

Another tip: Keep Google Maps open on your smartphone while on your commute so you can see your location in real-time on a map to track your progress (GPS/location services must be enabled).

2. View Schedules

Time is also a concern for many commuters, and buses incite more apprehension because there are more possibilities of delays (not to mention completely missing a bus you need). As a result, schedules and real-time information are critical and often necessary tools for a successful bus commute.

To prepare, become familiar with the bus schedule in advance to know when to catch the bus, always arriving a few minutes early to the stop. Even better, use the MARTA on the Go app for real-time bus locations and schedules. It then becomes less important if the bus is late if you’re arriving at the stop just in time to catch it.

If you like printed materials, the Five Points MARTA station has printed brochures of all the bus routes with maps and timetables. These can also be found in the MARTA on the Go app.

3. Stick With Easier Commutes

Especially if you’re new to riding buses, stick with short commutes on more popular routes or explore your neighborhood bus route to avoid a complicated and long trip. Most major attractions and places that aren’t too far from a train station are safe bets. In Atlanta, try commuting by bus to:

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