MARTA to Atlanta Streets Alive

Atlanta Streets Alive is a popular city event where streets are closed to cars, allowing pedestrians, skaters and bike riders to explore entertainment, activities and local businesses. There are several locations where the event takes place. See below for commute options.


The Central Atlanta Streets Alive route is on Peachtree Street in downtown and Midtown. It is the easiest route to get to on MARTA. Hop on a red or gold line train and exit at any station between (and including) Garnett and Arts Center. View station map.


Near the Five Points and GWCC/CNN MARTA stations on the blue and green rail lines, the Westside Streets Alive route is also easily accessible by train. Marietta Street is closed to car traffic, which is a short walk from both stations.


Head to the West End MARTA station for the Southwest route. The event takes place on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. near the station.


The Cross-City Streets Alive route takes over Dekalb Avenue, which is next to the blue rail line. For the best experience, take blue-line train to any station between (and including) King Memorial and East Lake. This route also extends near the Five Points and GWCC/CNN stations.


The Inman Park MARTA station is closest to the Highland route. Take a blue line train to reach Inman Park on the weekend. Follow the signs pointing to Inman Park to exit the station. Turn right at street level for the PATH trail to the right of the parking lot. This trail winds its way up to Highland Avenue.

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