Friday, Sept. 18 is going to be one of those traffic days in Atlanta. Midtown and downtown are full of events, so if you’re smart, you’ll hop on MARTA to avoid what is sure to be a nightmare on the road. See the top five events below that will be totally worth a MARTA commute.

Number 1Music Midtown

The obvious commute destination this weekend is Music Midtown, with Drake and Elton John headlining Friday night. Lots of stages and lots of crowds combined with little parking and closed 10th Street means MARTA, a bike ride or Uber are the way to go. Don’t forget the Arts Center MARTA station is an option along with Midtown. There will probably be less people using Arts Center, plus it’s closer to the less crowded Park Drive/Bridge entrance into the festival (you’re welcome). Still need a ticket? View tickets here.

Number 2Seth MacFarlane

In addition to Music Midtown, Seth MacFarlane will also be in the neighborhood at the Atlanta Symphony Hall next to the Arts Center MARTA station. There’s lots of places to park and ride for free around the city or consider taking Uber if you don’t want to be on the train with all the festival goers.

Number 3Friday Night Music Remix

Also at the Woodruff Arts Center, the Friday Night Music Remix will be shaking things up at the High Museum of Art. The event starts at 6 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m., which is the same time that Music Midtown ends, so be quick to get on a train if you stay until close. Common Ground Collective will be performing and tickets are $10 for non-members.

Number 4Braves vs Phillies

Just down the street at Turner Field, the Braves take on the Phillies Friday night. With all the crowds heading to Music Midtown, make sure you leave early, especially if you are traveling from the north red or gold line. Don’t forget that the Braves shuttle departs from the West End MARTA station, or stroll 25 minutes from the Georgia State station (the weather has been nice).

5Rooftop Soccer Tournament

The random, yet awesome event on Friday, is the Rooftop Soccer Tournament on top of an old parking deck in downtown Atlanta at 98 Cone Street. There will be food, art and DJ — plus the view is pretty amazing. We recommend using the Dome or Peachtree Center MARTA stations. Google Maps is great for trip planning (get directions here). Once at the building, walk into the parking garage entrance off of Cone and look for the elevator on the right side.

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