MARTA to Truist Park

Updated June 2021

Truist Park (formerly SunTrust Park) is the Atlanta Braves baseball stadium in Cobb County. It is not near a MARTA station, but there are several transit commute options to choose from. See below to explore your options.

MARTA + Uber or Lyft

Uber or Lyft paired with MARTA is the fastest way to get to the Braves stadium unless you live or work nearby. There are three MARTA stations that are all about a 15-minute car ride away (15 minutes without traffic). Request a car at the Arts Center, Medical Center or Dunwoody station. During rush hour, keep in mind that exiting at the Medical Center or Dunwoody MARTA station will likely require travel on I-285 unless city streets are used, and Art Center exit requires I-75 northbound commute.

CobbLinc Bus 10

Cobb County’s CobbLinc Route 10 and Rapid Route 10 depart from the Arts Center MARTA station on the red and gold line and travel near Truist Park. Commute time is about 30 minutes on both buses, and it is free to transfer from MARTA to CobbLinc, but on the return trip you will need to have at least $2.50 cash value on your Breeze Card to ride CobbLinc back to the Arts Center. You can add value on your Breeze Card at any MARTA station or online.

The Rapid Route 10 stops closer to the stadium at Windy Ridge and Cobb Parkway. Signal to exit the bus at or just before Windy Ridge. A Dunkin Donuts is near that intersection as a landmark. Walking time is about 10 minutes to the stadium (view map).

If riding Route 10 (non-rapid), exit the bus along Cobb Parkway at Olive Garden. When you see the stadium appear on the right side of the bus, signal for the bus to stop. Walking time is about 15 minutes to stadium from there (view map).

For more information, see How to Ride CobbLinc.

MARTA Bus 12

The longest commute option, MARTA bus 12 departs from the Midtown MARTA station and travels to the Cumberland Mall Transfer Center via Howell Mill Road and Northside Pasza4 0 rkway. It is a very long bus ride from the MARTA station, approximately 45 minutes. From there, connect with the Cumberland Circular shuttle to reach the stadium, but it runs every hour, which is a pain. You can also walk about 25 minutes to the stadium from the transfer center.


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