MARTA to Peachtree City

Peachtree City is south of Atlanta in Fayette County. MARTA and regional transit does not travel to Peachtree City. Car and van pools are options for residents. If you are trying to get to Peachtree City, you will need to rent a car, use Zipcar or take a taxi.

The closest MARTA-accessible rental cars are at Hartsfields-Jackson International Airport. Take a southbound gold or red train to the Airport MARTA station and turn right after exiting the fare gates at the MARTA station and right again after walking through the automatic double doors to reach ground transportation. Walk across the street to the SkyTrain to reach the rental car center. You can also reach taxis at this location.

Zipcars are cars you can rent by the hour and require a membership. Get $50 in driving credit for signing up with Zipcar through MARTA Guide. Click here to sign up. There are cars in the Avis lot at the airport. Take the SkyTrain to the rental car center to reach the cars.