MARTA to Kennesaw

Kennesaw is not in MARTA service area, but there is commuter bus service that connects Kennesaw to several MARTA stations. See below for the different commute options via CobbLinc, though commute times are very long. The best way to plan your trip is to use Google Maps with the transit feature.

Tip: Be sure to add cash value to your Breeze Card in order to pay the regional bus fare when boarding a CobbLinc bus at a MARTA station. When traveling from CobbLinc to MARTA, a free transfer to a train is included.

*Please verify all information before your trip as routes sometimes change 

Express to Town Center/Busbee Park and Ride

CobbLinc bus 100 has express service from the Five Points and Civic Center MARTA stations to the Town Center Park and Ride and the Busbee Park and Ride lot in Kennesaw. Use the Forsyth Street exit at the Five Points MARTA station or exit the Civic Center MARTA station via the northbound train platform. Buses only depart from MARTA in the afternoon/early evening on weekdays and leave Kennesaw to travel to Atlanta on weekday mornings.

Commute time is about one hour.

Kennesaw State University

If Kennesaw State University is your destination, routes 40 and 45 both travel from the Marietta Transfer Center to Kennesaw State University. However, you still have to get from MARTA to the Marietta Transfer Center. Do this by taking a red or gold line train to the Arts Center MARTA station and following the signs to the buses and transfer to CobbLinc bus 10 to reach the Marietta Transfer Center. From there, connect with bus 40 or 45 (both routes also have multiple stops on the way to Kennesaw).

Commute time is about two hours.

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