Terminal West is an Atlanta event, performance and concert venue at 887 West Marietta Street NW. The closest MARTA station is technically the Bankhead MARTA station, but it isn’t very pedestrian friendly, making the Midtown MARTA station the next best nearby station.

There are several options for getting to Terminal West on transit:

Bus 12

MARTA bus 12 offers the shortest route to the venue. Connect with the bus at the Midtown MARTA station and exit the bus just after it crosses over Howell Mill Road (near Brady Avenue, about nine minutes). From there walking time is about 10 minutes. Turn left on Brady Avenue and right on West Marietta Street (see walking map).

Bus 1

A second bus option is bus 1, which departs from the North Avenue MARTA station on the red/gold line. Ride the bus for about 15 minutes and exit at the intersection of Howell Mill Road and West Marietta Street (signal to exit after the bus passes M Street Lofts/Urban Grind coffee shop). After exiting the bus next to Five Seasons Brewery, cross the street to the diagonal West Marietta Street and walk about 10 minutes (see walking map).


The Bankhead MARTA station at the end of the green line is closest to Terminal West, but the station area historically hasn’t been very safe nor are there many pedestrians. Total walking time is about 30 minutes or 8 minutes on a bike (see map). Be advised that the area is fairly isolated.


Connect with Uber or another car service at any of the above MARTA stations instead of walking or riding the bus. Use promo code MARTAGuide for $20 off your first ride with Uber.

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