Riverdale Park and Ride

The Riverdale Park and Ride provides free parking at 6842 Lamar Hutcheson Parkway in Riverdale, and a connection to GRTA Xpress bus 442 (weekday service to downtown Atlanta) and MARTA bus 196 (daily service to the College Park MARTA station near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport).

Commute time via GRTA Xpress is approximately 30 minutes to downtown Atlanta and commute time on the MARTA bus to College Park is 40 minutes. Once at the College Park station, the train ride to Five Points is another 15 minutes. Both GRTA Xpress and MARTA use Breeze Cards for payment.

For real-time bus arrivals, use the OneBusAway website or app. The MARTA on the Go app has printed schedules, or look up your route online.

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