Westview Cemetery at 1680 Ralph David Abernathy SW is a short walk away from the West Lake MARTA station on the blue rail line. Established in 1884, the cemetery is the largest in the Southeast and contains some of Atlanta’s most prominent citizens including Asa G. Candler, founder of Coca-Cola; Mayor William B. Hartsfield and author of the “Uncle Remus Stories” Joel Chandler Harris. Other notable features include the Westview Abby (pictured here) and Water Tower. Tours are offered on a limited schedule. Check the website’s event calendar for more information.

On MARTA, take a westbound, blue line train marked “H.E. Holmes” to the West Lake MARTA station (if starting from H.E. Holmes, travel one station east). If you are traveling from the red or gold line, transfer to the H.E. Holmes train at the Five Points MARTA station. From West Lake, keep right out of the station to reach Anderson Avenue. Turn left toward the interstate and walk about a block. At this point you can turn left or right to reach an entrance to the cemetery (see walking map). Keep left for the main entrance.

Bus 3, which departs from H.E. Holmes and Five Points, along with bus 67 from the West Lake and West End stations also stop at the cemetery.