MARTA to the Hotel Row Historic District

Atlanta’s Hotel Row Historic District contains buildings from the first business district in Atlanta that date back to the early 1900s at 205 through 235 Mitchell Street. Formerly hotels that provided accommodations to passengers arriving at the Terminal Station on nearby Spring Street (torn down and replaced by a government building), today the buildings are somewhat dilapidated with a handful of businesses, including a barbershop/hair salon, although some of the original building interiors still exit.

On MARTA, the district is in between the Five Points and Garnett stations in downtown Atlanta.

From Five Points

The walk is more pleasant from Five Points. Take the Forsyth Street exit out of the station and turn left on Forsyth. Walk to blocks and turn right on Mitchell Street.

From Garnett

The Garnett station is closer to Hotel Row, but the area is more isolated than at Five Points. Take the Broad Street exit out of the station and walk straight ahead on Broad Street for one block then turn left on Mitchell Street.

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