MARTA to the State Court of Fulton County

 The State Court of Fulton County is at 185 Central Avenue SW in between the Georgia State and Five Points MARTA stations. If you receive jury duty summons for Fulton County, this is the place to go.

Things to Know

  • All trains stop at Five Points MARTA station (view station map)
  • The walk is quieter, slightly shorter and more pleasant from the Georgia State station if you are commuting on the blue or green line
  • Bring a laptop, book, magazines or other things to do (it can be a long wait until you find out if you’ll be assigned to a court case)

MARTA Directions

From Five Points

  1. Take any train to the Five Points MARTA station
  2. Exit the station via Peachtree Street
  3. Cross the street in front of the station exit to walk on Upper Alabama Street (look for the brick street)
  4. Turn right on Central Avenue and walk about a block

From Georgia State

  1. Take a blue or green train to the Georgia State MARTA station
  2. Use the Piedmont Avenue exit and turn left on Piedmont Avenue
  3. Turn right on MLK Jr. Drive
  4. Turn left on Central Avenue

Note that the above photo was taken on MLK Jr. Drive and not Central Avenue. On Central Avenue, look for the building with blue glass on the exterior.

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