MARTA to Maddox Park

Maddox Park is a medium-sized park at 1115 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway NW, directly across from the Bankhead MARTA station. The park has basketball and tennis courts, playground, swimming pool and the future BeltLine trail. There are plans to update and enhance the park along with the development of the BeltLine.

To get to Maddox Park, get on a westbound Bankhead train at any point between the Candler Park and Ashby stations. If you are traveling from H.E. Holmes or West Lake, travel east to the Ashby MARTA station and transfer to the Bankhead train there. Red and gold line commuters use Five Points to transfer. Note that in the evening, you can only reach the Bankhead train at the Ashby station.

Once at Bankhead, cross over Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway at the crosswalk to reach the park.

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