MARTA to the King Plow Arts Center

The King Plow Arts Center is located at 887 West Marietta Street NW, in between the Bankhead and Midtown MARTA stations. The Center contains businesses, studios and art venues including Actor’s Express. This commute is best for MARTA with Uber, as currently no bus routes travel to King Plow, but two routes do come fairly close.


Connect with Uber or Lyft at the Midtown, Dome or Bankhead MARTA station for the shortest commute to King Plow.


Bus 1 departs from the Five Points MARTA station and travels up Marietta Street. Exit the bus at the intersection of Marietta and Howell Mill (look for the Five Seasons Brewery as a landmark). Keep left at the split in the road to follow West Marietta Street to King Plow. Walking time is approximately 19 minutes.

Another good option is to take bus 12 from the Midtown MARTA station and exit the bus at 10th Street and Brady Avenue near Miller Union. Walk south on Brady to West Marietta Street and turn right. Walking time is approximately 13 minutes.

For schedules and real-time bus locations on a map, use the MARTA on the Go app or look up route information online.

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