MARTA to Town Brookhaven

Town Brookhaven is a mixed-use shopping, dining and residential district at 4330 Peachtree Road NE near the Brookhaven MARTA station on the gold rail line. Major stores include Publix, Costco and Marshalls, or eat at a restaurant, work out at L.A. Fitness or watch a movie at CinéBistro.

Follow the signs pointing to street to exit the MARTA station. Turn right in front of the station towards Dresden Drive then left on Dresden and cross over Peachtree Road. Turn right on Peachtree and walk about 20 minutes.

You can also board bus 25 at the station (northbound toward the Doraville station), which stops next to Town Brookhaven. Bus 25 also departs from the Doraville, Medical Center and Lenox MARTA stations.

Nearby Destinations

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