MARTA to Bessie Branham Park

Bessie Branham Park at 2051 Delano Drive NE is a neighborhood park in Kirkwood near Oakhurst and Lake Claire. In addition to a playground, baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, there is a recreational building that houses a gym and computer center. The annual Spring Fling festival also takes place here.

The closest MARTA station is the East Lake MARTA station on the blue rail line. Choose from the following commute options:


It is about a 20 minute walk from the station to the park. Exit the station via College Avenue on the south side of the station and take College Avenue to Norwood Avenue (see walking map).


Or get on bus 24 at the East Lake or Candler Park station to get to the park. It’s free to ride the bus if you’re transferring from a train.

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