MARTA to the Midtown Atlanta Nightlife District

The Midtown Atlanta nightlife district is a short walk away from the Midtown MARTA station and includes the bars, clubs and lounges on Crescent Avenue. Many pub crawls and special events also take place here throughout the year. Popular venues include Ri Ra, My Sister’s Room and Foxtrot Liquor Bar. See directions below to plan your commute.

Train and Walking Directions

  1. Take a red or gold line train to the Midtown MARTA station
  2. Follow signs to the Federal Reserve exit at the north end of the train platform
  3. At street level, walk through the plaza to reach 11th Street
  4. Turn right on 11th
  5. Turn left on Crescent

Walking time is less than 10 minutes.

Trains stop operating at 1 a.m., so plan for an alternate way home if you plan to be out late.

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