The Georgia Railroad Freight Depot is the oldest building in downtown Atlanta at 65 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Built in 1869 not long after the Civil War, the freight depot is currently used for a variety events including The Pancakes & Booze Art Show and Uncorked & Untapped and is conveniently near two MARTA stations: Five Points and Georgia State.

Five Points Directions

From Five Points, follow the signs pointing to street level and the Peachtree Street exit. Immediately turn right after exiting the fare gate to reach doors marked Underground Atlanta. Go down the stairs and walk the length of the corridor on Lower Alabama Street. The freight depot is about a block away through the exterior doors at the far end of Lower Alabama Street. You can also use Upper Alabama Street for an outdoor walk.

Georgia State Directions

From the Georgia State station, take the Piedmont Avenue exit out of the station and turn left on Piedmont. Walk one block to Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and turn right.  The depot is about a half block down on the right in the rear of the Steve Polk Plaza.

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