MARTA to the Festival on Ponce

The Festival on Ponce is held in the spring and fall and features an artist market, live music and children’s area in a series of parks along Ponce de Leon Avenue. The event is next to a MARTA bus route or is in walking distance of the Candler Park MARTA station on the blue rail line.

Here are your commute options on transit:


For a pleasant neighborhood bike ride or 20-minute walk, head to the Candler Park MARTA station on the blue rail line. Follow the signs pointing to Candler Park to exit the station, and at street level walk/ride straight ahead through the parking lot toward the nearby stoplight, which is Oakdale Road. Turn right on Oakdale and take it all the way to the festival, about four blocks away (see map).

Bringing a bike? Learn about bikes on MARTA. There are also Relay Bikes at the station for renting a bike. Reserve in advance to make sure enough are at the station when you arrive.

MARTA + Uber or Lyft

Request a car at the Candler Park station on the blue line or North Avenue on the red/gold line for the shortest ride.


Board bus 2 at the North Avenue or East Lake MARTA station, which travels to the festival via Ponce de Leon Avenue. It’s free to ride the bus if you’re transferring from a train. If you live near Ponce de Leon Avenue, you can walk to your nearest bus stop and hop on the bus for $2.50 exact cash or tap your Breeze Card if you have previously added fare to the card.

Tip: Use the MARTA on the Go app for bus schedules and real-time maps. You can also plan your trip with Google Maps to get schedules and bus stop information.

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