MARTA to Castleberry Hill

Castleberry Hill is an eclectic and artistic neighborhood just southwest of downtown Atlanta near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and three MARTA stations (see area map). The Castleberry Hill Art Stroll is a regular event, and there are numerous historic warehouse buildings in the area along with restaurants and unique housing options.

Getting to the neighborhood from MARTA involves walking two to three blocks through transitional areas that don’t see a great deal of pedestrian traffic, but that may change as new development projects get underway. See below for the various transit options for getting to the neighborhood.

From Dome Station

The Dome MARTA station on the blue/green rail line is the closest station to the north edge of the neighborhood and to the Elliott Street Pub (10-minute walk away), The Smoke Ring and No Mas! Cantina. It is also the route that typically is safer and quieter (though somewhat isolated) walk.

  1. Take the Mercedes-Benz/State Farm Arena exit out of the station
  2. At street level, turn right in front of State Farm Arena and go up the staircase (or left for ramp).
  3. Turn right on Centennial Olympic Park Drive, which turns into Walker Street.

From Vine City Station

Next to the Dome MARTA station is Vine City, a small neighborhood station. Turn right on Northside Drive, the major road in front of the station (and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium) to reach Northside Drive. This street provides the most direct access to the Clarion Inn and Suites and Paschal’s soul food restaurant, both about a 15-minute walk away.

From Garnett Station

If you plan to bike or walk from the Garnett MARTA station, take the Broad Street exit out of the station and turn left on Trinity Avenue and go up and over the bridge. At this point, the street changes to Peters Street. This route provides access to the central part of the neighborhood and is the most direct route to restaurants on Peters Street.

Bus Options

There are three bus routes that travel to Castleberry Hill. It is free to ride the bus if you are transferring from a train. Note that bus 94 is the most convenient and shortest route to the neighborhood from the Vine City MARTA station.

  • Bus 3 (connects with the H.E. Holmes station and stops a block away from Five Points)
  • Bus 94 (connects with the West End and Vine City MARTA stations)
  • Bus 813 (connects with the West Lake, Five Points and Georgia State stations)

For schedules and real-time bus locations on a map, use the MARTA on the Go app or look up route information online.

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Last updated January 2019