MARTA to Trader Joe’s

There are two Trader Joe’s grocery stores in walking distance of train stations in Atlanta, and both are also accessible via bus routes. The transit commute comes in handy when trying to avoid the notoriously crowded parking lots. Plus, the Midtown location is next to the Beltline Eastside Trail as another commute alternative.

Explore your transit options below.

Midtown Station Directions

  1. Take a red or gold line train to the Midtown Station
  2. Exit the train platform via the central stairway/escalators/elevators (not Federal Reserve exit)
  3. Turn right on 10th Street
  4. Turn right on Monroe Drive
  5. Turn left into the Midtown Promenade shopping center

Total walking time is about 25 minutes.

You can speed up your commute by:

  • Renting an e-scooter or Relay Bike near the station.
  • Transfer for free to bus bus 36 at the station. Bus 36 also travels through Virginia-Highland and on the Emory University campus, so take advance of this bus route if you live in those areas.
  • The new bus 809, which departs from the Lindbergh Center and King Memorial stations, also stops next to this Trader Joe’s location and mainly travels on Boulevard and Monroe Drive.

Buckhead Station Directions

  1. Take a red line train to the Buckhead Station
  2. Take the Peachtree Road exit out of the station.
  3. Enter the pedestrian tunnel underneath Peachtree Road
  4. Turn left at street level and walk about 15 minutes (if you end up next to Lenox Square Mall you are walking in the wrong direction)

You can also board bus 110 at the Buckhead or Arts Center MARTA stations. The bus stops next to the store. From Buckhead, be sure to go up to street level at the first stairway/elevator vs using the pedestrian tunnel if you plan to ride the bus.

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Last updated January 2020