MARTA to Park Tavern

Overlooking Piedmont Park, Park Tavern is a restaurant, bar and event venue near the Midtown MARTA station on the red and gold rail lines. Perks include a large outdoor patio with TVs, ice skating in the winter, cheap beer on rainy days and concerts/festivals including Summer Sunsets, Oysterfest and Lucky Fest.

Train + Walking Directions

  1. Take a red or gold line train to the Midtown station
  2. Turn right on 10th Street at street level (If you exit the station via the Federal Reserve exit, turn left on 10th)
  3. Walk about four blocks (about 20 minutes) to reach the tavern (see walking map)

Bus Directions

Bus 809 stops next to Park Tavern and travels on Monroe Drive and Boulevard. Connect with the bus at the Lindbergh Center or King Memorial station (view station map).

The other option is bus 36, which departs from the Midtown and Decatur train stations. This bus travels through downtown Decatur, Emory University and Virginia-Highland, so if you live in these areas, take advantage of this transit option. The bus stops about a block from Park Tavern. Use Google Maps to get MARTA directions and bus stop recommendations.

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