MARTA to Publix

There are several Publix grocery stores that are near MARTA stations. See the list below to explore your options. The stores with the easiest commutes listed first.

Midtown Publix

Take a red or gold line train to the Midtown MARTA station and take the Peachtree Place exit out of the station and turn right. Publix is a block down on the left. As a bonus, Mac’s Beer and Wine liquor store is nearby if you need supplies there.

Buckhead Publix

Take a gold line train to the Lenox MARTA station and take the exit opposite the one pointing “To Mall” off the train platform.  At street level veer left then make a quick right on Oak Valley Road and walk two blocks. The store is also near the Buckhead MARTA station on the red rail line. Take the Peachtree Road pedestrian tunnel exit out of the station, turn right at street level and walk about two blocks.

North Avenue Publix

Take any red or gold line train to the North Avenue MARTA station and turn left on North Avenue.  Walk about two blocks to reach the grocery.  Or take bus 2 from the station to ride part of the way (exit at North Avenue  and Piedmont Avenue).  Or continue on the bus to Ponce and N. Highland where there is another Publix.

Dunwoody Publix

Take a red line train to the Dunwoody MARTA station and after exiting the fare gate, enter the parking deck and either go down the stairway or take the elevator down to the first level. Use the nearby sidewalk next to the station to walk to Hammond Drive. Turn right on Hammond and walk about 10 minutes.

Brookhaven Publix

Take the street exit out of the Brookhaven MARTA station and turn right on Peachtree Street. Walk 20 minutes to reach the Town Brookhaven Publix.

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