MARTA to Marietta

MARTA does not directly go to Marietta, but there are several options for commuting there on transit.

MARTA + Uber

Connecting with Uber, a car service that let’s you reach a driver at a touch of a button, is the best way to get to a specific address in Marietta. The Dunwoody, Medical Center, Lindbergh Center and Arts Center stations are all about a 15-minute car trip to Cumberland Mall for example. If you’re coming from the airport, taking any northbound train to the Arts Center MARTA station then requesting a car from there would be the fastest commute to the Cobb Galleria area.

If you are trying to get to downtown Marietta, take a red line MARTA train to the Medical Center MARTA station and connect with Uber there. The car ride is about 22 minutes (15 miles). Use promo code MARTAGuide for $20 your first ride with Uber.


CobbLinc buses also connect with several  MARTA stations on a limited schedule (primarily weekdays) and travel to Marietta. It is free to transfer from MARTA to a CobbLinc, but if you are starting your trip in Cobb County, you’ll need to have cash value or a CobbLinc pass on your Breeze Card, available at all Breeze Card vending machines and online.

More Information

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  1. Lets say on a Monday I’m trying to get to Marietta from Art Center Station. What is the easiest way to get there.

    1. Go to the Arts Center Station on the red/gold line, follow the signs to the buses and board CCT Bus 10. The last stop is the Marietta Transfer Center. Here is the bus schedule to check the times when the bus leaves the Art Center:

      Tap to exit the Arts Center Station fare gates and that should provide a free transfer to the CCT bus. Make sure you have a Breeze Card with at least a roundtrip loaded. CCT fares are the same as MARTA ($2.50 one way). You’ll get a free transfer back to MARTA when you pay for your return bus trip to the Arts Center Station using your Breeze Card.

    1. Cobb Community Transit Route 10A goes to Delk Road from the Five Points Station, Civic Center Station or Arts Center Station. Very limited commute times however, and weekdays only. You can view schedules here. GRTA Xpress Route 101 and CCT Bus 10 also gets you close and will take you to the Marietta Transfer Center, but may be a long walk or call for a taxi. For additional help, please contact the CCT and GRTA Xpress customer service. Good luck!

      1. Oh ok. So I couldn’t take CCT Bus 10 from Arts Center Station to Cumberland Blvd. Transfer Center, then from there take CCT Bus 50 to Delk Road?

      2. That would be fine too if bus 50 goes to Delk Road. Any questions or concerns should go to CCT, as they are the experts on their routes.

  2. I need to know how i would get to 562 wylie road, suite 17 marietta, ga 30067 from north springs station and how long will it take.

    1. This is a very long commute, but doable. You would take a southbound train from North Springs to the Arts Center station, which is about a 20 minute ride. At the Arts Center station, board CCT (Cobb Community Transit) bus 10. You’ll take the bus to the end of the line, the Marietta Transfer center, which is a 40 minute commute. From there, you can walk to Wylie Road in about 25 minutes (see walking map/directions here).

      If you time it right with little wait when you transfer from train to bus, it is at least 1.5 hours. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    1. I would call Cobb Community Transit to verify the closet CCT bus to Life University that will take you to MARTA: 770-427-4444. You will arrive at a MARTA station on the red/gold rail line. Board a train labeled “North Springs” (after 7 p.m., take the first train to the Lindbergh Center station and wait for a North Springs train there). Ride the train to North Springs and board bus 140, which stops at Old Milton Parkway and North Point Parkway. That is the closest you can get to exit 10.

  3. I work over on Franklin Road in Marietta. But I live in Lithonia. The closest train station to me is Indian Creek station. What would be the easiest way for me to get to my job from Indian Creek? Or would I have to travel to HE Holmes first and then transfer? And what is the earliest time that the buses would leave from each station?

    1. This commute is very difficult and may not be possible. You’ll need to contact Cobb Community Transit (CCT) customer service to see if any of their bus routes have a stop close to where you work. It looks like Route 50 departs from the Marietta Transfer Center and stops at S. Marietta Parkway and Franklin Road. That would be the closest stop. You would have to depart either the H.E. Holmes or Art Center MARTA station on a CCT bus route to the Marietta Transfer Center, then transfer to the local route 50.

      As far as timing, from Indian Creek, the commute is 20 minutes to the Five Points station, then you may need an additional 10 minutes to get to one of the stations that has a bus to Marietta. The bus ride to Marietta from MARTA is about 50 minutes. On bus 50, it is an additional 18 minutes to Franklin Road. Not counting possible wait/transfer times and walking time, the commute is 1.5 hours from Indian Creek (and likely closer to 2 hours). Some routes start a little before 6 a.m., but you can get specifics from the customer service representative. MARTA starts running about the same time, so you wouldn’t get to Marietta until 7 a.m. or later at the earliest. Best of luck.

  4. I need to get to Georgia Perimeter College off Indian Creek fom Marietta so I guess I could do the reverse from the person above. What is the latest time the buses and trains run? My class ends at 9:45

    1. CCT bus 10 departs the Arts Center MARTA station Monday through Saturday at 11 and 12 p.m. Or to avoid transferring trains when you depart Indian Creek, you can take a westbound train all the way to the end of the line, H.E. Holmes, to connect with CCT bus 30, which departs at 10:23, 10:53, 11:18, 11:53. This is probably your easiest route to connect back to the Marietta Transfer Center. The train commute from Indian Creek to H.E. Holmes is 30 minutes. If your class ends at 9:45 p.m., and assuming you are on the train by 10 p.m., 10:30 p.m. would be the earliest time you could make a connection with the regional bus to Marietta.

      If you plan for the 10:53 route 30 bus at H.E. Holmes, you’ll arrive at the Marietta Transfer center at 12:11 a.m.

      If you transfer at Five Points (20 minute train ride) to a northbound train to the Arts Center for route 10, you can catch the 11 p.m. bus and arrive at the Marietta Transfer Center at 11:50 p.m.

      Please be sure to confirm the route times with Cobb Community Transit before your commute by calling (770) 427-4444.

      Good luck!

  5. Can I transfer from the CCT Art Center station bus to Five Points Marta rail station for free ? In other words, can I transfer from bus to rail station for free?

  6. Why are services not provided on Sundays? How could local citizens petition Sunday service, especially for individuals wanting to attend religious services who do not have access to their own cars?

    1. There is likely not enough passengers to have Sunday service to afford the cost of bus operation. Try calling Cobb County Administration (770) 528-1610 to provide your feedback. Thanks for your interest!

    1. Call Cobb Community Transit at (770) 427-4444 to determine the best CCT bus for Windy Hill, and the closest MARTA connection to that bus. You’ll likely have to take a MARTA bus from Alpharetta to the North Springs station (or get dropped off at the station), then head southbound to the Midtown station to board bus 12 to the Cumberland Transfer Center or travel to the Arts Center station for CCT bus 10 to the Marietta Transfer Center, depending on what bus you need to take. It is a long commute, likely over two hours, and there isn’t a way to get across town on transit from Alpharetta to Marietta. You instead have to go into Atlanta to connect with a bus to take you back out of Atlanta in the direction you need to go.

  7. I am trying to travel from 350 Spelman Lane ATL to 2141 Powers Ferry Road Marietta, GA do I take the Marta to North Springs and CCT to Marietta?

    1. You can actually take a northbound train to the Medical Center station and board bus 148. You’ll have a 20-minute walk, but the commute doesn’t involve CCT. You can use Google for directions. View the route here.

  8. Im trying to get from lithnia off of deshon and stephen rd to marietta to the weave shop off windyhill

    1. Hi Carlisa,

      You’ll need to connect to a MARTA bus (116 closest to you) to get to the Indian Creek MARTA station. Head west to Five Points and board a northbound train to the Midtown MARTA station for bus 12 to Cumberland Mall. You can connect to CCT buses there. Or CCT bus 10 from the Arts Center station will also take you to Cumberland. You’ll need to contact CCT for the route to your final destination. It is a very long commute. It will easily take over an hour.

  9. Hi, I’d like to know if I can use a breeze card purchased at a Marta rail station on the cct busses. For example, if I buy a 7 day pass, can I not ride on cct buses as well as Marta? This confuses me because there is no where to buy a breeze card but the Marta rail station. I work in Marietta everyday and on the way home I’d like to use my breeze card. I would be getting on a cct bus using my breeze card without transferring from Marta. I don’t want to pay for a cct bus when I have a breeze card loaded with a product. Thanks

    1. Hi Dave!

      Yes, Breeze cards work on all regional buses, so you can use it to pay for the fare on CCT. Good question on the day (or 7-day passes). I’ll see if I can get more information if the day passes (vs. single trip fare) works on the regional system. You might also want to try calling CCT customer service at 770-427-4444.

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