MARTA to Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown is an intown neighborhood next to Oakland Cemetery that’s known for the Krog Tunnel and the yearly Chomp and Stomp chili and bluegrass festival. It is also home to the Cotton Mill Lofts, historic shotgun houses, Little’s Food Store and restaurants including Agave and Carroll Street Cafe.

The closest MARTA stations to Cabbagetown are the King Memorial and the Inman Park stations on the blue and green rail line. There are several commute options:


Get on bus 21 at the Five Points Station or on Memorial Drive. Exit at the stoplight at Boulevard for the restaurants on Carroll Street, or at Powell Street for more direct access to the neighborhood park. The neighborhood is just past the cemetery on the left and extends to roughly the BeltLine.


Taking your bike on MARTA is another great option for getting to Cabbagetown. From the Inman Park station there’s direct access to a bike path on Edgewood Avenue. Keep right after exiting the fare gate and walk through the bus bay at street level to reach Edgewood. Take the bike path to Krog Street and turn left. The ride is only about 10 minutes to the Cabbagetown park (see bike route map). You can also walk this route (23 minutes).


For those who wish to walk, the King Memorial station is the closest to the neighborhood. It is about a 15 minute walk to the edge of the neighborhood, 20 minutes to the park, but a walk you’ll likely want to do in daylight.

  1. Turn left/south onto Grant Street after exiting the station.
  2. Turn left again on Memorial Drive and walk past the cemetery. You’ll also walk by other restaurants en route, including Young Augustine’s, Tin Lizzy’s, Six Feet Under, Ria’s Bluebird and Mi Barrio.
  3. Or turn right on Dekalb Avenue from the station and take the pedestrian tunnel at Boulevard underneath the railroad tracks for quicker access to the Cotton Mill Lofts.

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