Sandy Springs Station: Insider Guide

The Sandy Springs MARTA station is in a semi-suburban area on the red rail line (view map). Things to love: above the station is a shopping center with a movie theater, restaurants and retail stores. Plus, office buildings in the Perimeter Center are nearby and there is free daily parking and paid overnight parking for only $5 per day as of June 2022.

In general, it’s a great station for job commuting, parking, housing, shopping and going to the movies. The only drawback is that is a very car-centric area, so use caution when walking.

Tip: To reach the station on MARTA, board a northbound train marked “North Springs”. If traveling in the evening., take a gold line train to the Lindbergh Center station and wait for the North Springs train there.

Train Schedules

Use the MARTA on the Go app or for real-time train arrivals or view normal schedules via Google Maps (note that holiday schedules may not be accurate in Google Maps). Trains operate every 15 or 20 minutes depending on time of day, with rail service starting around 5 a.m. on weekdays and 6 a.m. on weekend and most holidays.

Travel Times

9 minutes to Buckhead
20 minutes to Midtown
25 minutes to Five Points
41 minutes to the Airport


There is free daily parking and long-term parking for $5/day off of Perimeter Center West near GA 400 exit 5.

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