MARTA to Sweetwater Brewery

Sweetwater Brewery is near the Lindbergh Center MARTA station at 195 Ottley Drive NE. The brewery has regular tours and events along with a large outdoor patio that’s a popular place in the warmer months.

Things to Know

  • It’s better to use Uber or Lyft as part of your commute (or for all of it)
  • The most direct MARTA commute is a bus ride from Lindbergh Center

Bus Directions

Starting August 18 2018, the new bus 809 will depart from Lindbergh Center and go to the brewery on some trips. Use Google Maps to plan your trip or view schedules online or via the MARTA on the Go app. This new route also travels the length of Monroe Drive, including next to Piedmont Park, so you can board the bus at any stop along the route. Have a Breeze Card with fare or $2.50 exact cash.


Request a Lyft or Uber car at the Lindbergh Center MARTA station to save money on your car ride.

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