Sweetwater Brewery is near the Lindbergh Center MARTA station at 195 Ottley Drive NE. The brewery has regular tours and events along with a large outdoor patio that’s a popular place in the warmer months.

Things to Know

  • It’s better to use Uber or Lyft as part of your commute (or for all of it)
  • The most direct MARTA commute is a bus ride and a 17-minute walk

Bus Directions

At the station, board bus 27 and exit at Monroe Drive at Monroe Place (the stop after Midtown Bowl, next to the apartments) and walk approximately 17 minutes (see walking map). It is free to ride the bus if you’re transferring from a train.

Walking Directions

You could also walk directly from the station, which takes about 40 minutes (see walking map). The area is car heavy, so be sure to pay attention and use crosswalks. You can bring your bike on MARTA to speed up the trip, but it isn’t a very bike-friendly area either.


Request a car at the Lindbergh Center MARTA station. Use promo code MARTAGuide to get $20 off your first ride if you’re a new Uber rider.

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