MARTA to Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain is a popular tourist attraction with a literal stone mountain that can be climbed, a lake, hiking trails and more. Special events are also held here throughout the year. It is not near a MARTA train station, but there are several commute options on MARTA.

Things to Know

  • The walk from bus 119 stop to the park is only about 10 minutes, much shorter walking time than from bus 120.
  • The bus ride itself is long. Plan for 20-25 minutes.
  • We recommend requesting an Uber or Lyft car from the Indian Creek MARTA station for the shortest and easiest commute time.

Bus Directions

Board bus 119 (Kensington MARTA station) or 120 (Avondale MARTA station) along the blue rail line to reach Stone Mountain Park. We recommend using Google Maps to plan your trip in order to get bus stop information and walking directions.


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