The Avondale MARTA station at 915 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue is near downtown Decatur on the blue rail line. It’s primarily a residential area, though a handful of restaurants and businesses are in walking distance.

If you are commuting from the airport, downtown, midtown or otherwise on the red or gold line, you must take a red or gold line train to the Five Points station and follow the signs to the eastbound platform. From there, board the train marked “Indian Creek” to get to the Avondale station.

Nearby Destinations

East Decatur Station

Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market
Waffle House Museum
Burundi Women’s Farm
Talley Street Lofts
Avondale Estates

Nearby Housing

Courtland Decatur East
Columbia Senior Residences at Decatur East
Willis Apartments
Derrydown Quads & Houses

Train Schedule

Use the MARTA on the Go app for real-time train arrivals and station schedules or plan your trip with Google Maps to get rail information.

Commute Times

15 minutes to Five Points
31-51 minutes to the Airport


There is a free daily parking lot off of E. Ponce de Leon Avenue.


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