MARTA to the SweetWater 420 Fest

The Sweetwater 420 Fest is a large music festival that takes place in April in Centennial Olympic Park. The festival is near two MARTA stations and includes an artist market and 5K (view 2019 festival map).

On MARTA, choose from the following commute options:

Peachtree Center Station

  1. Take any red or gold line train to the Peachtree Center MARTA station
  2. Follow the signs on the train platform to John Portman Blvd (not Ellis Street) at the north end of the station.
  3. After walking through the fare gate, follow the signs again to Peachtree Street West.
  4. At street level, turn right on Peachtree Street
  5. Turn right again at the first intersection on Andrew Young International Blvd. This street goes straight to the park and one of the festival entrances.

Tip: There are public restrooms inside the Peachtree Center mall if needed.

GWCC Station

  1. The other option is to take a blue or green line train to the GWCC MARTA station
  2. Follow the signs pointing to State Farm Arena to exit the station
  3. Turn left at street level toward the plaza
  4. Walk completely around State Farm Arena, turning right in front of the Georgia World Congress Center
  5. The street dead ends at Marietta Street where there is another festival entrance.

Tip: Nearby CNN Center has a large food court, coffee and public restrooms

Train Schedules

MARTA trains run every 20 minutes on the weekend. Download and use the MARTA on the Go app for real-time train schedules to plan your commute and avoid long waits on the train platform.


  • The closest free MARTA parking is at Inman Park (north parking lot currently closed until May 2019) followed by Candler Park on the blue/green line.
  • The H.E. Holmes station also has large parking lots near I-20 and I-285 West if you are traveling from the west side of the city or Cumberland/Smyrna area.
  • Lindbergh Center is the best parking option on the red/gold line (view information and directions). Keep your parking ticket with you so you can validate it inside the Lindbergh Center station on your return trip. Look for the yellow machines.

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