MARTA to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History at 767 Clifton Road NE is closest to the Candler Park MARTA station on the blue and green rail line. The museum hosts Martinis and IMAX on Friday nights, and permanent and rotating exhibits can be viewed throughout the week.

There are several options for traveling to the museum on MARTA:


Connect with bus 2 at the North Avenue or Decatur MARTA station. Exit at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Clifton Road or alert your bus driver of your destination if you aren’t sure where to signal a stop. Walk north on Clifton Road towards the golf course to reach the driveway to the museum.

Many other attractions are also off this route including the historic Georgian Terrace Hotel, Fox Theatre, Atlanta’s first Krispy Kreme, Ponce City Market, Poncey Highland/Virginia Highland neighborhood and the Olmstead Linear Parks.


Follow the signs pointing to Candler Park and exit on to Dekalb Avenue (the street next to and under the station skybridge). Walk east on Dekalb Avenue away from downtown and the stoplight. Walk about two blocks and turn left on Clifton Road and walk about four blocks (see walking map).  Walking time is about 30 minutes through a quiet residential area with bungalow homes. This route is also good for biking if you want to take your bike on MARTA. The map also includes alternative routes along Candler Park (the city park) for additional sightseeing.

MARTA + Uber or Lyft

To save money and speed up your commute, you can request an Uber or Lyft car or other at the North Avenue or Candler Park MARTA stations.

  • Combine your trip with a stop in downtown Decatur also off bus 2, for lunch, dinner, shopping or a stroll through the quaint small town and have easy access to the Decatur MARTA station.
  • If you walk there, you can take the bus back to MARTA if you don’t want to walk back to Candler Park. The bus stops on Ponce de Leon that are on the same side of the street as the museum provide access to the North Avenue MARTA station.
  • For schedules and real-time bus locations on a map, use the MARTA on the Go app or look up route information online.

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Photo by Jonathan Chen/Wikimedia Commons