MARTA to Underground Atlanta

Underground Atlanta is a historic, underground entertainment and shopping district. It is currently closed due to upcoming redevelopment.

The history of Underground Atlanta goes back to the 1920s when viaducts (similar to bridges) were constructed to move cars and people one level up from the bustling railroad lines, leaving behind an underground city. In the 1970s, Underground was about four times as large as it is today and a hot nightlife spot with music clubs and bar. After MARTA construction destroyed many nearby buildings, the area became more crime-filled and dilapidated, and today it is no longer a nightlife destination and is fairly deserted on the weekends.

To get there on MARTA, take any train to Five Points and follow the signs to street level. Walk toward the Peachtree Street exit and keep right for a doorway marked “Underground Atlanta.” Go through the doorway and down the stairs to reach the official underground area. For events on top of Underground, go outside via the Peachtree Street exit.

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