The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Historic Site is near downtown Atlanta at 450 Auburn Avenue NE closest to the King Memorial MARTA station on the blue and green rail line. There are free programs and tours and Ebenezer Baptist Church and the King Center is also on site.

There are several ways to get to the historic area on MARTA:


The recommended option for traveling to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site is the Atlanta Streetcar. To connect with the streetcar, take a red or gold line train to the Peachtree Center MARTA station and follow the signs pointing to Ellis Street off the train platform.

Walk through the fare gates and keep left, following the signs to Peachtree Street East. At street level, turn left out of the station and walk one block to Auburn Avenue. Cross over Auburn Avenue and turn left, then right on Park Place for the Park Place streetcar stop near the round water fountain. There is a vending machine there to purchase the fare for $1. Cash or credit card is accepted at this machine (cash not an option at all streetcar stops).

Once on the streetcar, exit at the scheduled stop for the King Historic District. You can purchase your return ticket with cash or credit card at the stop for your return trip.


From the King Memorial MARTA station, the historic site is 15-20 minutes away, though it is still somewhat in a transitional area and best walked during the day and in a group. Cross over Decatur Street in front of the station at the stoplight and walk straight ahead on Hillard Street to Auburn Avenue and turn right.


Bus 99 departs from the Georgia State Station and stops near the historic site. Tell your bus driver your destination and he or she will help you get to the best stop.

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