Lakewood Amphitheatre is an outdoor concert venue near the Lakewood MARTA station at 2002 Lakewood Avenue SE. Several buses depart from the station and travel to the venue in about 10 minutes — it’s a free ride if you are transferring from a MARTA train.

To reach the Lakewood MARTA station, board a red or gold line train (on some weekends and after 8:30 p.m. only gold line trains stop at the station). Transfer to the first southbound train at Five Points if your starting station is on the blue or green line.

Once at the station, connect with one of the bus routes below. If you’d rather not ride the bus, request a Lyft or Uber at the MARTA station. New Uber riders can use promo code MARTAGuide to get $20 off your first ride.

Bus 42

Bus 42 Stops near both Lakewood entrances and is the most frequent bus route to the amphitheater. Exit the bus at Langford Parkway and Lakewood Way for the Lakewood Entrance (all will call available) or exit at Pryor Road and Pryor Circle right before the stoplight for the Pryor Box Office (Ticketmaster will call only).

This stop is the shortest walk to the main amphitheater entrance. Bus 42 also continues on to the Five Points Station, so for your return trip, you could get on the first bus that arrives in either direction to reconnect with the rail line.

Bus 178

Transfer to bus 178 and exit the bus at Lakewood Avenue and Macon Drive. All will call tickets can be picked up here.

(See area and bus stop map)


  • If you don’t ride MARTA often, purchase a Breeze card with a roundtrip fare at the start of your trip. Buses accept cash (one way fare is $2.50) should you need to pay that way, but bus drivers cannot make change and you do not get a free transfer to the train.
  • Trains stop running shortly after 1 a.m., so plan to be back at the station by 12:30 a.m. to allow enough time for rail travel.
  • Use the MARTA on the Go app for real-time train schedules and bus route information.


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