Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium is located at 150 Bobby Dodd Way, closest to the North Avenue Station on the red/gold rail line. In addition to Georgia Tech football games, other events and concerts also take place in the stadium.

MARTA Directions

  1. Take any red or gold line train to the North Avenue MARTA station
  2. Follow the signs to North Avenue/West Peachtree Street after getting off the train
  3. Turn right on North Avenue and cross the street toward the church
  4. Walk about 10 minutes, crossing over the interstate.

Bus 26 and bus 1 also depart from the station and stop at the stadium. It is free to ride the bus if you are transferring from a train.

Helpful Tips

  • There is a Bank of Amercia ATM across from the station entrance if you need cash.
  • On the way there, you’ll go by the Varsity and GoodFella’s Pizza & Wings.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, trains run every 20 minutes, and for part of the day, both red and gold line trains stop at the station, increasing the frequency. Download the MARTA on the Go app for real-time train arrivals and take the first northbound train after events if you are heading north and transfer at Lindbergh Center to the red line if needed.


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