Atlantic Station is a mixed-used development with retail stores, restaurants, movie theater, grocery, gym, residences and office buildings on 17th Street, closest to the Arts Center MARTA station on the red and gold rail lines. Outdoor movies, live music, festivals and other events are regularly scheduled, and you can also view the Bodies and Titanic exhibits here.

At the Arts Center station, follow the signs pointing to the buses. After going up one level you’ll reach the bus bay, where the shuttle picks up passengers. Shuttles run every 5-10 minutes and stop at the main commercial district, Ikea and residences. Call 404-541-0808 if you have questions or concerns about the shuttle.

You can also take bus 37 from the station or walk approximately 15 minutes. If walking, take the West Peachtree Street exit out of the station and turn right on West Peachtree Street. At 17th Street, turn left and walk another two blocks.

Helpful Tips

  • If the shuttle isn’t at the station when you arrive, hop on the bus if it is there.  The bus is free if you are transferring from the train.
  • L.A. Fitness and Regal Cinemas are located in the main Atlantic Station shopping district.
  • Ikea is a few stops down from the main district. If making big purchases at Ikea, they can arrange for delivery.
  • For your return trip, view the real-time train arrivals at the Arts Center station.

Nearby Destinations

Twelve Hotel and Residences Atlantic Station
Center Stage/The Loft/Vinyl
Center for Puppetry Arts
L.A. Fitness

More Information

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  1. Just wanted to comment – if you’re transferring from the train and you have a Breeze card or ticket, your transfer to the #37 is free. Conversely, coming from Atlantic Station, if you get on the #37 bus and pay your fare with Breeze onboard, your transfer to the train is free. This allows you to take whatever happens to show up first at the station or on 17th Street – the free shuttle or the #37. Either way, you’ll only pay a $2 fare – just remember that you have a free transfer.

    I’m often at this station and see huge crowds waiting for the small shuttles, and a #37 sitting with plenty of seats.

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