Piedmont Park is one of Atlanta’s largest public parks near the Midtown MARTA station and the Arts Center MARTA station on the red and gold lines.

Many events and festivals take place in the park including the Dogwood Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Piedmont Park Arts Festival, Atlanta Street Food FestivalPride Festival, Atlanta Ice Cream Festival and Music Midtown. The park also features a lake, dog park, public swimming pool, athletic fields, running track, playgrounds and tennis courts (see park map).

Things to Know

  • Trains are every 20 minutes on the weekends
  • The closest MARTA station with free parking is the Lindbergh Center MARTA station.
  • Walking time ranges from 15-20 minutes, but you can also rent Relay Bikes next to both nearby MARTA stations to bike to and around the park as an alternative.
  • A Bank of America ATM and the Midtown Food Mart are on 10th Street near the park (get cash if you need it, or grab a bottle of water at the market)

Arts Center Station Directions

The Arts Center station is closer to the sports fields, running track, pavilions and slightly closer to the lake, pool and Saturday morning Green Market. Walking time is about 15 minutes to the park entrance.

  1. Take the West Peachtree Street exit out of the station and turn left on West Peachtree Street.
  2. Walk one block and turn left again on 14th Street.
  3. Walk an additional three blocks to reach the park.

Midtown Station Directions

This station is closer to meadow and Park Tavern. It is approximately a 10 minute walk to the edge of the park.

  1. Go to street level and exit the station on 10th Street
  2. Turn right and walk about three blocks. Note that if you use the Federal Reserve exit to leave the station, turn left on 10th Street instead.

Bus Options

Three buses will also put you next to the park if you don’t want to walk the 10-15 minute distance from or to the train. All buses depart from the Midtown station:

  • Bus 36 goes down 10th Street on its way to Virginia Highland and Emory
  • Bus 109 also goes down 10th Street to Monroe (south on Monroe/Boulevard)
  • Bus 27 has a stop outside the 14th Street park entrance and then travels on to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Lindbergh Center

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