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MARTA to St. Joseph’s and Northside Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Northside Hospital are very easy to get to on MARTA as the hospitals are right next to the Medical Center Station on the red line, near I-285 in the north.  If you are coming from the airport/downtown/midtown, you must be on a train labeled “North Springs” to reach the Medical Center station.  After 7pm you must take the first available northbound train to the Lindbergh Center station, exit the train and wait for a North Springs train there.

Exit the station on to Peachtree Dunwoody Road for Northside Hospital will be on the right and across the street, along with various other medical office buildings (see area map).  For St. Joseph’s Hospital, exit the station toward the parking deck (look for signs pointing to Deck Level One).  You can go up the decks escalator/elevators to reach the hospital.

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MARTA to the Atlanta Medical Center

The Atlanta Medical Center is located at 303 Parkway Drive, which is about a 20 minute walk from the Civic Center station on the red/gold rail line (see walking/area map).  It is a straight walk down Ivan Allen Jr./Ralph McGill Blvd.  After exiting the station, head south on West Peachtree Street toward downtown and turn left on Ivan Allen Jr.

You can also choose between two bus routes:

  • Bus 99 from the Midtown, North Avenue (weekday non-rush hour only) or Georgia State station.  The bus route travels down Boulevard with stops at the Medical Center.
  • Bus 16 departs from Five Points and travels along Ralph McGill with a stop at Parkway Drive and Boulevard.

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MARTA to Piedmont Hospital

Piedmont Hospital is located on Peachtree Street in between Midtown and Buckhead (see map).  It is not in walking distance from a MARTA rail station, but you can take bus 110 from either the N7 Buckhead, NE7 Lenox or N5 Arts Center stations to get there.

The most direct route is to catch the northbound 110 bus at the Arts Center.  The bus travels up and down Peachtree Street and has a stop at the hospital and the neighboring Shepherd Center.

If you get on bus 110 at the Buckhead station, make sure it is a southbound bus (take the first set of stairs out of the station to street level).  Be advised that both the Arts Center and Buckhead stations have the 110 bus going both north and southbound.  If you aren’t sure if you are on the right bus, just ask the driver.

For more information, see how to use Google maps for MARTA directions.

MARTA to Grady Hospital

Grady Hospital is a short walk away from the Georgia State Station on the blue/green rail line  at 80 Jesse Hill Jr Dr SE (see area map).  The shortest route is to take the Jesse Hill Jr. exit out of the station and turn left.  The hospital is one block away.  A McDonald’s is located in the front of the hospital.

Bus 99 also stops in front of the building on southbound trips from the North Avenue and Midtown Stations.

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MARTA to Emory University Hospital Midtown

Formerly the Crawford Long Hospital, the Emory University Hospital Midtown is located near the North Avenue Station (see area map).  Ride the train to North Avenue and take the exit out of the station marked “To West Peachtree Street” or “To North Avenue”.  At street level walk straight to across over North Avenue (toward the Bank of America tower) and keep walking straight ahead alongside West Peachtree Street.  You will find an entrance about 1.5 blocks down (see an image of the hospital entrance).  There is also a main entrance off of Peachtree Street, one block to the east.

The alternate route is to exit at the Civic Center Station and walk north on West Peachtree Street.  The hospital is about halfway between the two stations.  The other main Emory hospitals are located on the Emory University campus, accessible via bus 6 (see  MARTA directions to Emory University).

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