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Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA Station

The Hamilton E. Holmes Station (or H.E. Holmes) is the last stop on the west, blue line at 70 Hamiliton E. Holmes Drive.  It is near I-20 and not too far from I-285 (see area map).  It was originally called the Hightower Station, but was changed in honor of civil-rights hero Hamilton E. Holmes.

What’s Nearby
The area is primarily residential, with several apartment communities, including one senior living comunity, in walking distance from the station. There are also a few small shopping centers and fast food restaurants along with Frederick Douglass High School and Peyton Forest Elementary School.

To get to the H.E. Holmes station, you must be on a westbound, blue line train marked “H.E. Holmes”.  If you are coming from the north or south lines, you must exit at the Five Points Station and follow the signs to the Westbound platform.  On the weekend the blue line train runs every 15 minutes, 12 minutes during rush hour and 20 minutes off-peak weekdays.

There are over 1,000 free daily parking spots.  There is no long-term or overnight parking.

There are many different bus routes that depart from this station, including a route that travels to Six Flags,  along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Fulton Industrial.  See the full list of bus routes.

Train Schedules

H.E. Holmes Station Next Train

H.E. Holmes Blue Line Station Schedule




Commute Times
It takes 9 minutes to get to Five Points, and 25-45 minutes to get to the Airport Station.

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