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  1. Not sure who manages this site but it has been INVALUABLE to me in navigating the city, especially when it comes to getting to events and which way to walk from a station.

    Much better than the official Marta site, especially for trip planning, which sometimes makes some really odd suggestions.

    Thanks for the service!

  2. Hi, I’m trying to tell a friend how to get down to ground transportation for ease of pick-up as we have limited time to make an appointment time. Are you able to advise me? Thanks so much!

    • If your friend is arriving at the airport and needs to get to ground transportation, he or she just needs to follow the signage in the airport to baggage claim, and ground transportation and the Airport MARTA station is at the very end of the airport beyond the last baggage claim carousel.

      If your friend is in Atlanta and needs to take MARTA to the airport to reach ground transportation, he or she just needs to connect with a southbound train and ride it to the last stop to the Airport Station, which enters directly into the airport at the ground transportation area. Southbound trains run on the red and gold rail line. If your friend is coming from east or west of downtown Atlanta, he or she would need to take a train to the Five Points Station and transfer to a Southbound train there. See these tips to learn more.

      Happy to provide additional information or directions if you can clarify your situation.
      Safe travels!

  3. Bless you! This is very helpful! I didn’t have a lot of hope of receiving a reply in time for her arrival. Many thanks! Deborah

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