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MARTA to Norcross

Norcross is an Atlanta suburb northeast of downtown, closest to the Doraville MARTA station on the gold rail line. Near the intersection of I-85 and I-285, the area contains the northern stretch of Buford Highway and neighbors Dunwoody.

Due to its location in Gwinnett County, Norcross is not part of the MARTA system. However, there are regional buses operated by GCT and GRTA Xpress that connect with the Doraville station (see transit map). In particular, GCT bus 35 goes to Norcross from the MARTA station Monday-Friday. It is free to transfer from MARTA to the bus.

If you need transit options on the weekend, you’ll need to arrange for a car service like an area taxi (many wait at the Doraville station) or Uber. Uber is a smartphone app that let’s you reach a driver quickly with a touch of a button. Use promo code MARTAGuide to get $20 off your first ride. Sign up here.

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MARTA to BrandsMart USA

BrandsMart USA is located at 5000 Motors Industrial Way, closest to the Doraville MARTA station on the gold rail line.  The large retail store offers a variety of products at a discounted rate, including deals on electronics, furniture and appliances.  From the Doraville station, board bus 25 to reach the store, which is the first major stop after the bus leaves the station.

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MARTA to Brown Mackie College

Brown Mackie College is located at 4370 Peachtree Road NE, closest to the Brookhaven MARTA station on the gold rail line.  From the Brookhaven station, board a northbound bus 25 (to Doraville) or walk just over 15 minutes to reach the college.  Take the Peachtree Road exit out of the station and cross the street at the nearest stoplight.  Once across the street, turn right and walk up Peachtree Road about three blocks.  You can also board bus 25 at the Lenox and Doraville stations, or the Medical Center station on alternating trips.

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MARTA to Town Brookhaven

Town Brookhaven is a mixed-use shopping, dining and residential district at 4330 Peachtree Road NE.  Stores include Publix, Costco and Marshalls.  The closest MARTA station is the Brookhaven station on the gold rail line.  For the shortest commute, board bus 25 at the station (northbound toward the Doraville station) and exit the bus at the fourth stop .  Bus 25 also departs from the Doraville, Medical Center and Lenox stations.

You can also walk to Town Brookhaven from the Brookhaven MARTA station in about 20 minutes.  Take the Peachtree Road exit out of the station and turn right on Peachtree Road and walk about three blocks.  Be sure to cross over Peachtree Road at a stoplight.  See walking map below.

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MARTA to Comfort Inn and Conference Center Northeast

The Comfort Inn and Conference Center Northeast is located at 2001 Clearview Avenue, less than a 15 minute walk from the Doraville MARTA station at the end of the gold rail line. It is a pet-friendly hotel that features free WiFi and a convention center. There is also a complimentary shuttle to and from the station Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On MARTA, take a gold line train labeled “Doraville” to the Doraville station. Walk straight out of the station on to Park Avenue and cross over Buford Highway at the stoplight. Immediately turn left on Buford Highway and walk about a block to Clearview Avenue and turn right (see walking map).

Nearby restaurants include Waffle House, Han II Kwan (Korean), Cafe 101 (Chinese) and Alvarado’s Mexican Food.  The hotel is not near the Georgia Dome as the website suggests, but rather  a 25 minute train ride to Five Points, then a transfer to a Westbound train to ride one stop to the Dome/Philips Arena Station.  The main nearby attraction is the international shops and restaurants on Buford Highway. Board bus 39 at the station for access.

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MARTA to Mercer University

Mercer University is located in the northeast part of the city, near I-285 .  To get there on MARTA, take the gold line train (labeled “Doraville”) to the Chamblee Station. If you are coming from the east-west/blue-green rail line, exit at Five Points and follow the signs to the Northbound platform and wait for a Doraville train there.

From the station, board bus 126. Weekdays the bus travels on to the campus.  Otherwise, exit the bus at the intersection of Chamblee Tucker Road and Mercer University Drive right after the bus goes under I-85, and walk about 12 minutes (see walking map).

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MARTA to Lawrenceville

You must use the Gwinnett County Transit system to get to Lawrenceville, as MARTA only operates in Atlanta.  Route 40 goes to downtown Lawrenceville and travels on Old Norcross Road, Pike Street, Stone Mountain Street, Lawrenceville Highway and Sugarloaf Parkway, but only operates Monday through Friday.

To get to Route 40 on MARTA, there are several options:

  • Take a northbound Doraville train to the Doraville Station and get on Gwinnett County Transit Route 10 and exit at the Gwinnett Transfer Center or at Sugarloaf Mills.  From there you can pick up Route 40 deeper into Lawrenceville
  • Another way to get up to Gwinnett is to take GRTA Xpress Route 412 from the Lindbergh Center station or 410 outside the Arts Center, Midtown and North Avenue stations .  This route will get you to Sugarloaf Mills in about 30 minutes, where you can also transfer to Route 40.  However, this bus only runs Monday-Friday and does not offer return service, so you would have to take Route 10 back to MARTA.

This is a total monster of a commute, be advised.  Not counting the time it might take you to get to the Doraville or Lindbergh station, from there, you are looking at 35 minutes to the transfer center/Sugarloaf Mills.  If you need to travel onward into Lawrenceville, the end of the line on Route 40 at Sugarloaf Parkway and Five Forks Trickum Road is another 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Also, keep in mind that if you are traveling on the weekend, the best you can do is get to Sugarloaf Mills on Route 10 on Saturday only.  You could take a taxi from Discovery Mills (5900 Sugarloaf Parkway) to downtown Lawrenceville, which is about six miles away and will cost upwards of $15.

Several express buses also depart from the Lawrenceville/Gwinnett area and travel to downtown Atlanta:

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MARTA to Gwinnett

While MARTA does not extend into Gwinnett, you can connect to the Gwinnett County Transit System from the Doraville Station.  As the last stop on the MARTA gold line, the Doraville Station provides access to GCT Route 10 that travels up Buford Highway through Norcross, ending at the Gwinnett Transfer Center/Gwinnett Place Mall.  The transfer center allows connections between all five local GCT routes and seven express routes.

There is also GRTA Express Route 410 that goes directly from the Lindbergh Station to Sugarloaf Mills.  And GRTA Express Route 412 goes to Discovery Mills from the Civic Center and Arts Center Stations in addition to several other midtown stops in between.

GRTA Express is $3 one way or $5 roundtrip.  GCT rates vary by route, from $2-$4.  Transfers to/from MARTA are free and you can use your Breeze Card for Route 10.

A Gwinnett light rail system is on the list of projects that could be supported by a one-cent sales tax.  Voters can support light rail expansion by voting in the Fall 2012 election.