Bus 107

MARTA bus 107 travels between the Inman Park and Kensington MARTA stations via Glenwood Avenue. It is one of several routes that services East Atlanta. See below for popular destinations and view the route map and schedule here.

MARTA to Reynoldstown

ReynoldstownReynoldstown Atlanta is an Atlanta neighborhood to the east of downtown and just south of Inman Park that was originally settled by freed slaves. Houses are primarily shotgun cottages and bungalows, and an older apartment community is also next to the station. New apartments are currently under construction.

As a redeveloping area, there is more crime here than in nearby neighborhoods, but convenience to the BeltLine and the Edgewood Retail District are two selling points that will likely give this area a boost. It also has a distinct railroad vibe with a rail yard at the northern end of the neighborhood and H. Harper Station, a former rail depot turned restaurant, at the south end.

The nearest MARTA station is Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station on the blue/green rail line. If you are traveling from the red or gold line, transfer to an eastbound train at the Five Points station marked Indian Creek or Candler Park.

Once at the station, follow the signs pointing to Reynoldstown after exiting the fare gates (to the left). This exit provides access to a parking lot, the neighborhood and the retail district.

Nearby Destinations

Little 5 Points
Glenwood Park
BeltLine Eastside Trail
Edgewood Retail District

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Glenwood Park

MARTA to Glenwood Park

Glenwood Park is a mixed-use, urban community in Atlanta at the intersection of I-20, Bill Kennedy Way and Glenwood Avenue.  The development features green building and sustainable environmental features such as stormwater retention and irrigation. In addition to a variety of housing, there is also a commercial area with restaurants and businesses including Vickery’s Bar and Grill, The Shed at Glenwood and the Matador Mexican Cantina. And the BeltLine forms the edge of the neighborhood along Bill Kennedy Way.

The neighborhood is a 30-minute walk through a transitional area from the nearest MARTA station and isn’t recommended, but several buses travel to the area.

The nearest MARTA station is Inman Park on the blue/green rail line.  Bus 4, bus 34 and bus 107 that depart from the station go close to the area.  Exit the bus where Moreland Avenue intersects with Glenwood Avenue, the second stoplight after crossing I-20.  After exiting the bus, stay on the same side of the street (west) and walk down Glenwood Avenue for about 10 minutes.

Bus 74 that departs from the Five Points Station also has a stop directly next to Glenwood Park, though the time on the bus is a little longer.  However, the reverse commute is a great option for residents who work downtown or midtown and want to take MARTA to work.

Additionally, bus 21 departs from the King Memorial MARTA station and travels on Memorial Drive and stops about a block from Glenwood Park. Exit the bus at Bill Kennedy Way near the brick loft buildings and walk south.

Nearby Destinations

East Atlanta Village
Grant Park
BeltLine Trail

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Inman Park Festival

MARTA to the Inman Park Festival

The Inman Park Festival takes place the last weekend in April right next to the Inman Park MARTA station on the blue/green rail line (see festival map). There’s a large parade on Saturday and all weekend long you can enjoy music on several stages and an extensive artist market in the historic Victorian neighborhood.

If you are traveling from the red or gold line, you must exit at Five Points and follow the signs to the eastbound platform.  Board a train labeled “Candler Park” or “Indian Creek” and exit at the Inman Park station, which is only three stops away.

You can also park at a nearby MARTA station for a shorter commute.  Candler Park East Lake and Avondale all have free lots and are near Inman Park (click links to get driving directions). Additionally, for those coming from the perimeter, the H.E. Holmes station (west side) and Kensington station (east side) are near I-285 and also on the blue/green rail line.

Make sure that when you exit the station that you turn right after exiting the fare gate and follow the signs pointing to Inman Park. It is also a short walk to Little Five Points from this station if you want to combine shopping or dining there while attending the festival.

Helpful Tips

  • MARTA bus 6 travels to the Inman Park station from the Lindbergh Center station via Lindbergh Drive, Briarcliff Road, Clifton Road and Moreland Avenue if you live in the surrounding neighborhoods, including Emory University and Virginia Highland. If you live in East Atlanta, board bus 4, 34 or 107 in the East Atlanta Village to also get to Inman Park.
  • You can also bike or walk the BeltLine Eastside Trail to the festival. A branch of the trail goes to Elizabeth Street near the skate park, which provides the most direct access.
  • Savi Urban Market is located in the Inman Park Village at 287 Elizabeth Street NE and has all your festival essentials, including water, sunscreen, band-aids, beer, coffee, ice cream and more.

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MARTA to East Atlanta

The closest MARTA station to East Atlanta is Inman Park on the blue/green rail line, but you have to take a bus from the station to get to East Atlanta as it is not in walking distance (see area map).

If you are coming from the red or gold rail lines, transfer at Five Points to the eastbound platform and get on a train labeled “Indian Creek” or “Candler Park” to reach the Inman Park station.  From there, choose from these three bus routes:

You’ll want to check the schedules ahead of time online and print out route schedules to help plan your trip. Be advised that buses park on both sides of the station, and there is a pedestrian bridge that you can use to get to the other side if necessary. Bus 4 departs from the Inman Park side of the tracks, while 34 and 107 are on the Reynoldstown side.

If you are coming from downtown Atlanta, you can also board bus 74 at the Five Points Station, though the ride will be longer.

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