MARTA to the Dogwood Festival

blooming dogwoodThe Dogwood Festival takes place in Piedmont Park each April and features a large artist market, live music, disc dog competition and children’s area.  The two closest MARTA stations to the festival are the Midtown and Arts Center stations on the red/gold rail lines  (see area map).

  • If you exit at the Arts Center station, follow the signs to the West Peachtree Street exit and turn left to walk along West Peachtree.   At 14th Street turn left and walk about three blocks to reach the park. The 14th Street entrance will get you closer to the sports fields and the lake, where most of the artist market and the Kids Village sets up. Plan for about a 15 minute walk.  The festival also operates a free shuttle from this station to the park.
  • Or, you can exit at the Midtown station and walk east on 10th Street (toward Peachtree Street).  This is a more direct route.  After getting off the train, go up the central escalators/stairs to street level and take the 10th Street exit out of the station and turn right.  This route is better for getting to the meadow off of 10th Street, which usually hosts the Disk Dog Exhibition and movies in prior years.  It is also a slightly shorter walk at about 10 minutes.

Three buses will also put you next to the park if you don’t want to walk, all depart from the Midtown station.  If you tap your breeze ticket when you exit the train station, you get a free bus transfer.

  • Bus 36 goes down 10th Street and to the Highlands and Emory
  • Bus 99 also goes down 10th Street and then south on Monroe Drive
  • Bus 27 has a stop just outside the 14th Street park entrance and then travels on to the Botanical Garden.  See bus 27 festival schedule for specific departure times and parking options.

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