MARTA to Philips Arena

Philips Arena is one Atlanta’s major performance venues as well as one of the easiest destinations to get to on MARTA at 1 Philips Drive.  It next to the Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN station on the blue/green rail line, just one stop west of Five Points.

If you are coming from the red or gold line, you will have to transfer to a westbound train at Five Points. Board either a H.E. Holmes or Bankhead train.

Once you get to the Dome station, merely follow the signs to Philips Arena. You have the choice of going up a tall escalator or taking an elevator up to street level. A MARTA entry for Philips Arena is across from the station exit.

You can also walk to Philips Arena from the Five Points Station in about 15 minutes.  The walk is a bit longer and not recommended late at night, but if you are coming from the north or south, you can avoid transferring trains by exiting at Five Points and walking the rest of the way.

Helpful Tips

  • After 9 p.m., trains run every 20 minutes. If you are going to Buckhead, Medical Center, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs or North Springs, board the first northbound train at the Five Points station and exit at the Lindbergh Center station for a North Springs train.
  • Head down early to eat or drink at an area restaurant to avoid some crowding on the trains for big events.  The rooftop bar on top of the Glenn Hotel nearby is trendy if you don’t mind paying extra for a cocktail.  There are also a few other nightlife options and bars.
  • Several hotels are in walking distance of Philips Arena if you want stay overnight downtown afterward.  See this list of hotels with walking directions for more information.
  • Recommended MARTA parking is at Lindbergh Center, Inman Park or Candler Park for the shortest commute. If you live on the west side, there’s also parking at Vine City, Ashby and West Lake.

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