MARTA to the Atlanta Zoo

Zoo Atlanta is located in Grant Park, southeast of downtown Atlanta.  The zoo is known for having pandas, and it also features a children’s area and regular events such as Brew at the Zoo and Jazzoo.

The closest MARTA station is the King Memorial Station, but unless you want to walk 30 minutes, it is best to take a bus (see walking directions from the King Memorial Station if you would like to walk and combine travel with eating at an area restaurant).

Bus 32 goes to the zoo from the Civic Center and Five Points Stations. Tell the driver your destination for an easy commute.  The bus runs every 30 minutes on the weekend and every 20 minutes weekdays, plus additional bus service during rush hour. Riders can print schedules online or pick up a printed copy of the bus schedule at the Five Points Station. If you plan to connect to the bus at Five Points, the bus picks up at the intersection of Alabama and Forsyth Streets.   Take the Forsyth Street exit out of the station and turn left.  Once on the bus, the ride from Five Points to the zoo is about 10 minutes (see area and bus stop map).

The zoo is not very visible from the street, but sits in the southern end of the park.  Next to the zoo you will also find the Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, which has the world’s largest painting (of the Battle of Atlanta).

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